Knock Tha Hustle,

I tend to, live in the moment,

Dissolving in every second, resolving the complications,

that come with me second guessing my skills and constantly stressing

My intellect reminiscing when challenging every lesson,

I’m hitting the ground sprinting,

writing down these scriptures the beat got my mind printing,

Ex’s got my phone ringing…

It’s really complicated, when you’re on you’re best behavior cause you feel you’re obligated, cause you don’t wanna make the people ’round you disappointed, especially the one’s who put all of their on you, and when you try to go thank them, they tell you it’s really a pleasure, man I swear they make diamonds from under all of this pressure, dreams lost under the dresser but my head is in the clouds. Clocks tryna catch up, I’m so ahead of my time…

That’s where I’ll end it.



I haven’t been able to log in to my wordpress account cause of a forgotten password. To make matter worse I had forgotten the password to the email address I signed up with. I had given up on ever trying to log in until last night when I had a dream I had finally logged on and I had remembered my password, I got so happy but alas, “it was on just a dream”. But then I thought to myself the possibilities of the password I dreamt entering being the correct one, and so here I am, logged on and posting. Now I wonder, Isn’t it crazy how dreams can help one solve real life problems, I mean this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to me and I’m sure I’m not the only one. So like any modern day homo sapien I went to the mighty internet for answers, turns out this phenomena occurs when one is in a hybrid state of waking and dream consciousness, ie. Lucid dreaming. read this if you like,

All this now reminds me of this theory I had after watching Avatar (the Blue Cats one), What if dreams are memories from a past life and they help you learn from mistakes you made in your past life, or what if dreams are alternate realities we haven’t fully been able to connect to. Dreams are weird, and creeepy and might hold to key to answering a lot of questions we ask about life.

To conclude, Dream,

Introductory Piece

As the title states, this is an introduction, (not that anyone will read this, but oh well). My name is King Bluigi (not really a king) , I hail from the land called Durban. okay, let me cut the bullshit, I made this blog cause I was bored and also needed a space/platform to vent on where nobody will “comment” or “sub-tweet” bullshit afterwards. And no, I am not really Gareth Cliff. Anyway, at his moment I have nothing to vent about so I’m chilled, literally, the air conditioner here is on full blast, fuck… writers block just kicked in….. (cutting to commercials)… and thats about it. In The Beginning, God create Light and Me.